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AODamageViewer v1.9a

Last updated 1/23/2006
v1.9a - Start and Stop enabled by hitting "Home" And "End" Keys (will work from within game while AODV is minimized)
  • Updated settings window to include location of script directory and text output from /dd command.
    v1.9 - Sorted Results, "/DD" for damage dump resulsts ingame, auto copy to clipboard. Upgraded to newer .NET protocols.
    v1.8b - Now with more accurate results (better integreation of relfect damage and DOT's)
    v1.8a - Now with much faster (approxamatly 5x faster) loading and update time
    v1.8 - Now with easier installation

    AODamageViewer is a free application used in conjunction with Anarchy Online and it's expansions for recording how much damage your character does, your average xp and damage a minute, as well as show you critical % and reflect/ absord amounts. In addition, it monitor's both the Alien Invasion and Shadowlands expansions so that you can see how much AXP or SK you gain over time.

    Remeber, like all log parsers, it is important to clear your log file every week or so to keep the loading time of AO Damage Viewer to a minimum. This can be done through windows, or through the game itself by going to chat options.

    View the AODamageViewer Readme file.

    Download AODamageViewer 1.9a

    Get Microsoft .NET Framework

    If you have any questions, comments, or ideas for updates, let me know at


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